Overwatch Summer Games Event Now Live, New Skins Revealed


But, that's all a moot point as the event has gone live.

This year's Summer Games will bring back some familiar elements that players enjoyed last year, while also adding new things for players to look forward to.

The Overwatch Summer Games of 2017 are finally upon us, and with it, as is customary for all events, comes the lovely new skins. There are over 50 new seasonal items within the new Summer Games 2017 loot boxes, and the Summer Games 2016 content is available for the duration of the event too.

This year's Summer Games will offer competitive Lucioball, with a ranked season spanning the three weeks of the event. Alternatively, players can purchase the older Summer Games items at normal credit prices rather than the inflated 3x prices of new items.

The Summer Games have returned to Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch and that means the return of Lucio Ball.

The Overwatch Skins which leaked early were indeed part of the new trailer released for the Games.

Lucioball is Overwatch's version of a soccer match that placed gamers in a three-on-three match.

While Lucio Ball returns with a new arena in Sydney, Australia and leaderboards, players can now participate in Competitive matches.