Intel's new 'ruler' SSD form factor enables up to 1PB of storage


Lately, Intel seems to be pushing the envelope with new form factors of computing products. "Dual Port Intel Optane SSDs are a ideal fit for our shared NVMe solution, and E8 Storage allows most innovative customers like the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, to introduce these new SSDs into their applications without any modification to their existing infrastructure". These SSDs will use Intel's 3D NAND technology will enable up to 1PB in a 1U server. Unlike the unusual Ruler SSD form-factor, they're created to slot into the place of an existing, traditionally-shaped hard-drive, minimizing the time it takes to upgrade to speedier storage. This form factor will also be used for Optane SSDs, Intel says, with availability slated for the "near future". Since SSDs don't have motors, and are simply a collection of chips, new form factors were made available, such as using PCIe add-in cards and the M.2 slot. It may not be long before it comes out with that information since Intel says that these SSDs will be available soon.

The company has promised that the Ruler will have more bandwidth, IOPS and lower latency than SAS.

Intel's designed the technology so that it'll be easy to move from HDD to SSDs.

In other SSD related news from Intel, two new SATA-based enterprise SSDs are coming, featuring Dual Port, meaning the drives have two SATA connectors in an active/active state for failover between two hosts, meaning the drives can be connected to two systems simultaneously.

Intel also announced new S4500 and S4600 Series SSDs for data centers that use a new Intel-developed SATA controller and firmware, and 32-layer 3D NAND. Intel's new line of second-generation 3D NAND SSDs is available now.

The Ruler form factor was created to optimise data storage in servers.

This is not Intel's only SSD-related announcement. Dual port Intel Optane SSDs are shipping now to select customers for validation and will be more broadly available by the end of 2017. Micron* drive evaluated - Micron 9100 PCIe* NVMe* SSD.