Conor McGregor Vs. Floyd Mayweather Superfight Is 'A Joke,' Jose Aldo Says


Can he overwhelm McGregor with his speed? Berto thus understands as well as anyone what 2017 Floyd Mayweather is capable of, and he thinks McGregor's confidence poses a very legitimate threat. Can he even go a full 12 rounds? "Instead, he just looks at me and gives me this smirk smile laughs at me and starts walking away from me and he puts his hands up in the air and he gives me his back like he's walking away towards the shower and then he's like 'Haha I don't know Paulie we got some good ones (photos) those last two rounds".

Mares, who was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, moved to Los Angeles at age seven and now lives and trains in Montebello.

During a similar extended buildup to McGregor's showdown with Aldo that saw McGregor post an impressive knockout of Chad Mendes for the UFC's interim featherweight title bout as Aldo recovered from an injury, the fast-witted McGregor went after Aldo at each face-to-face meeting, from stealing his belt to accurately predicting the first-round knockout. I said "there's no breaks here, you don't get no break" and started hitting him with more body shots and said "take those, they don't feel good". "I forgot who I was in the ring, and tried to please the crowd". "There is no way McGregor can defeat Mayweather".

Until August 26, it will be unclear how ready McGregor is for the challenge and how he will be affected by not training with boxing purists. After 10 rounds I was spent but I did 11 and 12 because I said I would, and he came on stronger. "The week before, when I was working at Broner/Garcia, the media was there for the fight week because that was a big fight in boxing".

"I said 'I can't deal with this.' His team is a bunch of cheerleaders".

With a new perspective, coach, and experience, Mares is ready to become a great boxer once again. My problem wasn't just with the sparring, my problem was with how he treats people, how he treats other sparring partners. I think I was inspired by Conor McGregor to be honest with you.

Mares, though, knows what all of the money throwing, loud-mouthing, and trash-talking can do for the sport of boxing.

He flew back to Las Vegas the following week from NY for the second part of the camp and was promptly told he would be sparring a full 12 rounds the next day. "In all my training camps, I was blown away, the treatment this guy gave everybody". Aldo has only fought twice since (most recently losing to Max Holloway at UFC 212), but he had plenty to say about the upcoming McGregor-Mayweather fight.