190000 sign petition against plan to introduce first lady status in France


The petition also states that Mrs Macron is not elected to any office by the public, and that it would be hypocritical of the president to hire his wife as the government is about to pass a law preventing MPs from hiring family members as assistants.

The role of First Lady does not now exist in the French constitution, and any expenses the President's wife incurs are taken from the general budget for the Élysée.

A Change.org petition entitled "Against the status of First Lady for Brigitte Macron" has garnered more than 280,000 signatures in two weeks.

The text of the petition reads that Brigitte Macron has already a team of several aides, two secretaries and two security agents.

US President Donald Trump discussed increasing cooperation in the ongoing crises in Syria and Iraq in a telephone call with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on Friday.

'We fiercely denounce all sexist attacks against Brigitte Macron and we do not question her skills'.

News about the creation of a first lady status came before France's National Assembly last week.

"There is no reason for the wife of the head of state to get paid through public funds", Valette wrote.

A presidential spokesman said Macron's hosts were making "cooperative" noises on the subject of so-called detached workers, who work on temporary contracts in other European Union member states without joining that country's workforce.

The first step according to Le Maire is the tax harmonization between France and Germany. However, during the election campaign, Mr Macron said he wanted to create a role for his wife with her own office and staff, Reuters reports.

Ms Macron is regularly pictured at her husband's side at rallies and official meetings.