President Trump to stay in New York for first time as president


"You can't issue subpoenas without a grand jury", Christie told host Jake Tapper.

It's expanding, both in size and scope.

Asked for comment on the story presidential lawyer Ty Cobb said the White House would not discuss "specific communications" with Mueller but would "continue to fully cooperate with the Special Counsel".

Like Trump's embrace of the legislation curtailing legal immigration, some of what the president has to offer his core supporters is more show than substance.

President Donald Trump's efforts to discredit investigations into Russia's involvement in last year's election and suggestions of collusion between his campaign and Moscow continued last week but appeared to lose support in Congress. Collusion is not a crime so what exactly are we looking for here?

It's getting more in depth.

Much is being made of Mueller assembling a grand jury, but this development is more standard practice, than a significant surprise. For weeks, after that insane Tuesday in November 2016, I refused to watch any TV news channel and weaned my addiction to my once favourite website,

But implicit in that statement: It's a normal process in any serious investigation.

That's why Trump risked losing last year's election rather than disclose his tax returns, and why he specifically warned Mueller to lay off diving into his balance sheets.

He then played a clip from an interview Rosenstein did with Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace, which he insisted that Mueller's investigation isn't a fishing expedition. Republican-led committees in the Senate and the House are leading parallel investigations into Russian Federation meddling in the USA election and have said they'll go wherever the facts lead.

Trump has repeatedly railed against the investigation as a "witch hunt" and denied any wrongdoing. It's yet another example of Congress putting its faith somewhere besides with Trump.

"I would have preferred the congressional committees. finish their work, issue their report before even thinking about a special counsel", Johnson said. They're hardly alone. In fact, polling shows about 30% of US voters either don't believe or don't care whether the Russians did it, or whether Trump's campaign colluded with them. Even if they aren't released to the public, chances are there are some tidbits within them that will send investigators in even more interesting directions.

Donald Trump Jr. already has produced evidence that he and other top Trump campaign leaders met with Russians who promised political dirt on Hillary Clinton and who represented themselves as speaking for the Russian government. First, he told the New York Times it was about adoptions. What do you mean this has nothing to do with Russian Federation? Yes, it is possible.

Early Monday Trump was back on Twitter to say that his "base is far bigger & stronger than ever before (despite some phony Fake News polling)". Even the most cynical person has to acknowledge that would be an extraordinary conspiracy the likes of which the US has never seen. "We will leave it [to] the appropriate authorities to determine whether this leaks [sic] should be investigated along with all those others being investigated". Their suspicions against Mueller have been heightened by his personal and professional closeness with fired FBI Director James Comey, his decision to hire numerous Democratic donors onto his growing team, and various reports suggesting that he may be peering at evidence that arguably goes beyond the Russian Federation matter.