New Orleans dries out following torrential rain


TheNational Weather Service expects a number of possible showers and thunderstorms to pass through New Orleans this week.

There are 121 pumps throughout the city and 24 different stations.

Heavy weekend rainfall in New Orleans overwhelmed the municipal pump stations - leaving parts of the community flooded - and some officials say they're not satisfied with the city's response.

The city can pump out an inch (25 millimeters) of rain in the first hour and one-half-inch (13 millimeters) each hour after that.

Finding ways to minimize street flooding should be a civic responsibility of everyone in Orleans Parish, not merely a good excuse to hold press conferences and start the blame-game.

Aaron Miller, the city's director of homeland security and emergency preparedness, said with more heavy rain predicted for Monday afternoon, the city's pumping capacity could be overwhelmed again.

Sewerage and Water Board spokeswoman Lisa Jackson says there was just too much rain, too fast. It's pretty incredible in that it can do one inch of rain in the first hour and a half an inch of rain every hour after that.

Outside the Port of Call restaurant on the edge of the French Quarter, high water hid the curb from a man in a wheelchair Saturday, said Mike Mollere, the restaurant's general manager. One of my cooks was looking out the window.

Flooded cars were being towed to R&S Auto Service, where several cars flooded Saturday. We are dealing with 8 to 10 inches of rain in three hours. More than five inches of rain fell quickly in some spots.

She said about 8,000 homes and 15,000 vehicles flooded during widespread heavy rains across the metro area in May 1978.