Minister apologises for assaulting woman at night club


The African National Congress (ANCWL), meanwhile, has since issued a statement, saying it had noted the disturbing reports around the alleged inident.

"Last night, we finally tracked down at which police station the case was opened and we found out that it was at Douglasdale. and we can confirm that a case was opened", Mhaga said.

Duma said that while walking out, Manana slapped her cousin across the face after she made a comment about his sexuality.

It is alleged that Manana slapped her across the fact and assaulted her in the parking lot after that.

'I know that my actions and those of the people in my company have disappointed and hurt many people in the country.

Duma‚ who was accompanied by her female cousin and a friend‚ claimed she was with Manana and his four friends inside the then already closed Cubana in Cedar Square‚ Fourways‚ in the early hours of Sunday morning.

"That shameful incident should not have happened", he said in a statement earlier on Monday.

Duma said that Manana called the staff and friends together so he could make a speech.

He apologised "unreservedly" to Mandisa Duma, who was reportedly injured, her family, the government and all South Africans, especially women, pledging to "address the harm that has occurred".

"Then as we were leaving, we were assaulted by the deputy minister Manana and his group of friends", said one of the victims at the channel eNCA.

A South Africa minister has apologized after being accused of beating up a woman called him gay. "I will also meet with my organisation‚ the ANC‚ and President Zuma to give a full account of the incident".

He said while he was provoked, he "should have exercised restraint". The media statement adds that the president must show that he is serious about fighting the scourge of violence and abuse against women.

"Such behaviour is unacceptable and should be roundly condemned by all in our society. While we take into account the principles of innocent until proven guilty, the ANCWL is resolute in supporting the victims of violence and wishes to reiterate this position".

Minister in the Presidency responsible for women Susan Shabangu said the incident had shocked her.