Malia Obama Seen Rocking Out At Lollapalooza


A weird video submitted to TMZ from the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago shows former President Barack Obama's daughter Malia, 19, rolling around on the ground while the band "The Killers" played. It was captioned: "Matt gonna get Sasha Obama". While some have criticized the 19-year-old for acting too "crazy", we're going to call the video as we see it and simply say it looks like she's enjoying the music festival the way she wants to. At one point, she even rolled on the ground and pounded her fist on it.

The video clearly demonstrates that she's a big fan of rock music, something that has taken many social media commentators by surprise. Malia Obama was once again caught on camera dancing like there's no tomorrow.

It has also gone viral online since it was first released on celebrity website

Her bad-girl behavior has been the cause of much gossip since she began showing off her curvy body in skimpy bikinis and partying hard on Miami beaches.

This time, the Harvard student was recorded by an on-looker dancing in a insane and weird manner with a girl friend.