Apple Just Launched its First Instagram Account


After finally setting up its account at the photo-centric social media service today, the tech giant has over 10,000 followers and nine posts, all #ShotoniPhone. However, the account is far from your average corporate Instagram account that highlights interesting tidbits about the company. It's all about the lovely pictures that people take using the iPhone.

Apple also prominently features the Instagram account handles of the photographers, giving them additional exposure. Without showing the iPhone, Apple is promoting the iPhone camera as the ideal tool if you want to up your game on Instagram. First, Apple relies heavily on the recently introduced gallery format to showcase five creators at a time.

Instagram might not be new, but Apple's embrace of the platform promises to open vibrant new channels for creativity.

The Apple Instagram account is now posting galleries, sets of images taken by various photographers using iOS equipment. It's clear that the company wants to encourage people to use the hashtag so that it becomes a pop culture symbol. But it's interesting to see Apple creating an "Instagram-native" account.

Get ready to add a +1 to your "Following" count because Apple just joined Instagram.