Bigg Boss Elimination: Oviya Evicted from the House this week


Following the show's convention, Kamal called Oviya on the sets and had a chat with her. The actress was desperately trying to get herself evicted from the show, but thanks to the number of votes she got due to her "entertaining" act, she had to stay.

Bigg Boss Tamil, which is being hosted by Kamal Haasan, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons from the time it started. In the week 6 elimination, Oviya, Julie, and Vaiyapuri were nominated earlier this week. It's not clear if she will continue to be a contestant in the show or she is visiting the studio for exit interviews the contestants of the show usual have.

On the Firday episode, Oviya sought help to address her issues pertaining to mental health is biggest twist at the end of the week. It is still being suspense by the Bigg Boss team. This has triggered massive rumours about her walking out of the show with different theories on social media sites.

In the promo of this Saturday episode, Kamal Haasan appeared with his way of poem to solve the issue of this week. Pehaps this is one reason for Oviya's erratic nature in the Bigg Boss house in the recent days. "He will be the protagonist", Kamal Haasan added.

In the past, she had expressed her affection towards Aarav multiple times on the show. So far, Namitha, Harathi Ganesh, Anuya, Bharani and Shree have been eliminated from the show.

Coming to the elimination process, the contestants can only be eliminated on the basis of viewers' vote.

It is very usual and expected to see that perhaps Julie will be out this week from the Bigg Boss house as she is not popular as well nobody is having the good rapport with her.

She already got eliminated yesterday and that episode will be telecasted tonight in the Vijay TV.