Bride threatened the groom with a gun at their wedding


A new bride pulls a gun from her wedding dress, and puts it to her groom's head.

A bride in the United States has spent her wedding night behind bars after pulling a concealed gun from her wedding dress and pointing it at her husband's head.

But the argument apparently peaked when 25-year-old Kate Prichard pulled a gun from beneath her dress and aimed it at her husband of a few hours, police say.

Sgt. Evans said, "Responding officers let the husband know the honeymoon was over and his new wife was going to jail".

But she loaded a round in the chamber and fired a shot it in the air. We need to talk about this couple because they just had a lovely wedding filled with cake, music, friends, family and a murder attempt.

Witnesses informed the police the couple was drinking and arguing when their feud escalated and they came outside the motel. She pulled the trigger.

- Shortly after saying "I do", a Tennessee bride was arrested for pulling a firearm out from beneath her wedding dress and pulling the trigger on her new hubby.

When cops arrived, Prichard and Burton said everything was fine but people at the motel painted a very different picture.

Prichard was arrested while she was in her wedding gown.

She has been charged with aggravated domestic assault and is out on a $15,000 bond.