Alexa finally coming to Amazon's Android app, starting this week


So it looks like Alexa will be coming to the Amazon shopping app on Android some time this week.

Amazon's Alexa digital assistant has largely been limited to the company's own hardware. Amazon has not made a formal announcement about this, but users are starting to notice Alexa inside the company's main Android app.

Amazon already offers a separate Alexa app, which has about 5 million downloads on Google's Play Store, but the shopping service's flagship app now sits somewhere between 100 and 500 million.

As mentioned, Amazon hasn't officially announced this new feature within the shopping app, but when TechCrunch reached out to the company, Amazon did confirm that the Alexa integration was indeed rolling out and would be available to more customers through the next week. But this development - where you can ask Alexa about news, weather, and other things - was available for iPhone users only.

However, some reports say that it does not seem like there is a need to perform these tasks from the Amazon app. But current Echo device owners did get an early heads up on the integration by the way of the Alexa companion app. The Californian firm was also reportedly negotiating with Google and IBM before agreeing to sell itself to Amazon, people familiar with the negotiations said. The point, then, is to make Alexa more visible and bring it to people who have never seen it in action prior. "Go out and buy an Echo device to take advantage of Alexa even further".