Legendary Pokémon coming to Pokémon GO


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The third downside to this is that players can not leave any Legendary Pokemon to guard a gym because it might upset the balance of the game.

Interested users may go ahead and download the latest versions of Pokemon GO on their iOS and Android devices.

For quite some time Pokemon GO players have been trying to figure out when legendary Pokemon would finally make their way to the massively popular mobile game.

In the trailer, Lugia and Ho-Oh both appear to use the moves Aeroblast and Sacred Fire while fighting off the legions of Pokemon trying to weaken them. The upside to this is that even just catching one or two Legendary Pokemon can already significantly boost a player's attack strength. If they are successful in defeating the Legendary Pokemon, this Pokemon will begin appearing in all Raid Battles in the world.

As the live-action trailer above suggests, Legendary Pokemon are fought in a similar way to standard Raid Battles. One false start aside, they will finally be introduced later this week to celebrate the game's one-year anniversary. It's doubtful that Niantic would take away the legendary Pokemon they have been working on adding to the game, but perhaps we'll have to wait longer to access it.

Previously, we knew that the very first Pokemon GO Fest event would give players rare prizes for capturing monsters and doing raids. With the update in effect, players do not need to return to a gym just to feed their Pokemon berries. A new trailer (above) shows players receiving a special invitation for a Legendary Raid.

It is worth noting, however, that the reveal will only happen in Chicago's Grant Park where the real-world "Pokemon GO" event will take place.

Soon, you will have the opportunity to discover legendary "unique" Pokemon eggs that will appear in the Arena.