Destiny 2 Beta Launches 1PM EST Today For PS4 Pre-Order Members


Since it seemed impossible to ignore, chances are you knew that the Destiny 2 PlayStation 4 beta dropped yesterday.

There's no official end time for the beta but it'll run to at least Sunday, July 23.

If you happen to be the person who did not pre-order Destiny 2, it means that you will not be able to play the early access July 18th-20th trial. If you're wondering, the beta is a 12.83GB download, which is quite reasonable. If you have not pre-order the game, you can do so now so that you can be one of the best to test out the most highly anticipated game of the year.

We are investigating reports of error code WEASEL in the Destiny 2 Beta that returns players to Orbit when they attempt to complete Activities or inspect gear. They plan to close access to all gamers on July 23rd. However, just like any other beta versions of any game, it is expected to be loaded with a deluge of bugs that will be addressed later on by its fandom.

However, it's Destiny 2 director, Luke Smith, has already revealed that Bungie is looking into some of the problems already facing players, following extensive feedback from the community on the first day of beta testing.

Its greatest challenges are its Raids: Vast sprawling dungeons that require players to complete puzzles and tackle the game's most hard foes.

Games like Destiny, The Division and the soon-to-be-released Anthem are all tapping into a new gaming style: Social gaming. After you have taken out the Security Officers, players will get to board the Cabal Drill though to get there you'll have to interact with the levers located by the of your immediate area.

Despite the Destiny 2 beta's near insurmountable amount of downgrades versus the original's pre-release demos, this is exactly what is needed.

Quickplay: This is exclusively the "Control" gametype on the new "Endless Vale" map. One of the Strikes that players can try out is the Inverted Spire.

Meanwhile Countdown is an elimination style mode, so you have one life per round, and it works around an attack and defend framework.

Destiny 2 has a story mode that Bungie and publisher Activision promise is more cinematic than the original game's scattered story experience.

Do not pay attention to the character progression or light levels during the Destiny 2 beta. You will get an exclusive emblem though, that won't be available anywhere else. Dubbed Homecoming, it has you in the role of a guardian - Bungie's take on Power Rangers albeit powered by space magic provided by an otherworldly-being known as the Traveler. You will be able to try out the new subclasses as well.