Jewish Contestant Plans Return To 'Bachelor In Paradise' - Despite 'Sex Assault' Flap


Corinne and DeMario are no longer competing for affection on the series, but they have each confirmed that they will participate in a two-part Bachelor in Paradise special airing on August 14 and 15.

Olympios' upcoming return to TV comes after Warner Bros. temporarily halted production after a producer filed claims of misconduct on set. Their investigation concluded, however, that no such misconduct took place, and the show has since resumed filming - though reportedly with new rules regarding contestant hook-ups. Olympios, however, was not pleased with the results and carried out her own investigation of the issue.

ABC has set a new start date for Bachelor in Paradise after production was held up due to investigations of misconduct on the Mexico set. Ultimately, the production company did not find evidence of wrongdoing, and "Bachelor in Paradise" resumed filming.

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Jackson, who also did not return, has reportedly expressed surprise at the way Olympios reacted to the incident and expressed interest in talking to her about it.

It remains to be seen if, and how extensively, the show will address what happened between Olympios and Jackson.

Earlier on Wednesday, however, Olympios confirmed that she will be attending the reunion special. "I'm not one of those petty people", he said.

"I would love to talk to her. I mean, you attract more bees with honey, and if she's willing to speak. we can talk on camera, off-line, whether it's there or in the future, or 10 years from now", he added.

Lindsay kicked Jackson off the show after a woman showed her text messages proving that she and the contestant had a relationship just before he left to film.