Things We Saw Today: Fiona the Hippo Reunites With Both Her Parents


Another big moment came on July 11, when Fiona swam with her parents, Henry and Bibi, before the zoo opened for the day.

"BiFi (the power duo name that's being used for Bibi and Fiona) was joined by Henry this morning for the first time", they wrote.

Fiona weighed 29 pounds when she was born, on January 24, which is about 25 pounds lighter than the lowest recorded birth weight for this species.

From sporting a milk mustache to chomping on her first solid foods, Fiona's activities have been documented and shared in photos and videos.

Cincinnati Zoo                    Kisses for mum
Cincinnati Zoo Kisses for mum

However, recently it seems that Fi has been exploring her outdoor surroundings, and was actually reunited outside with her parents, Bibi, her mother, and Henry, her father. The short introduction went well.

Gorsuch reports mom Bibi kept her eye on Henry and gave him cues of "how to interact appropriately with the little one".

Introductions will continue. The zoo says there is still no set schedule for when Fiona will be out. And they posed for the cutest family pic we've seen so far this summer. "So for all intents and purposes, Henry probably feels a lot like a first-time dad and is likely unsure of how to act around Fiona". We eagerly await more updates from this sweet hippo family.