Apple iPhone 8's wireless charging may be late for launch, report says


Wireless charger being sold separately is no shocker. But by selling the accessory separately, and in turn including the standard charging cable in the iPhone 8's box, wireless charing essentially becomes an optional feature that users must pay extra for. Gruber writes that his sources believe inductive-that is, sans wires-charging for the next iPhone will arrive later than the device's launch and with its own price tag. The 11.1 update will presumably follow a few weeks later.

Although Apple might disappoint folks on the wireless charging front, the company could have a trick up its sleeve on the iPhone 8's design.

Apple's latest iPhone lineup is expected to ship with a mass of latest and innovative features in 2017. The device sits on a plate that's plugged into a power outlet and charges the battery through what's called inductive charging or inductive coupling: an electromagnetic field that transfers power to the battery.

The news was brought by John Gruber, a very well-placed insider to Apple's plans who has a track record that proves that his resources are reliable.

Apple iPhone 8 is going to be one of the three rumored upcoming iPhone models, and of course, the most focused, even though the other two have also received a bunch of innovations. Near Field requires devices be close enough to charge and doesn't need a contact plate like inductive technology. It's unknown what material Apple might use to get that mirror-like effect.

iOS comes with many surprises and hidden features to keep the Apple fans guessing.

HomePod was shown off at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference keynote event in early June.

Industry experts suggested before that a wireless charging is true in truest sense when a device uses RF technology to gather power.