West New York lawyer files ethics complaint against Governor Christie over 'Beachgate'


Citing the Plain Language Guide to New Jersey's Executive Branch Ethics Standard, Blanch's first count states that "no person of the executive branch may obtain a "special benefit" as a result of their position in the Executive Branch". It's the same beach house where Governor Chris Christie and his family enjoyed Fourth of July weekend, allowing them to take advantage of a secluded stretch of Island Beach State Park that was closed to the public.

The complaint was filed with the State Ethics Commission, asking for the governor to face fines.

Christie is likely to be looking at next week's in for Francesa's timeslot as a way to offset the bad news that has been plaguing him after the controversial beach closure, but as long as he's on the air, New Jersey residents may feel he's not taking his day job seriously.

New Jersey state beaches and parks were shut down over the weekend along with motor vehicle offices and other services deemed nonessential after Christie and the Democratic-controlled Legislature failed to agree on a budget for the new fiscal year that began Saturday.

Christie, who is dealing with historically unpopular approval ratings in his final term, received considerable media flack for using the governor's beach house during the shutdown.

Christie has said he's interested in sports broadcasting. But Christie and his family kept their plans to stay at the beach house, and Christie was photographed by NJ.com sitting with his family on the beach that had been closed to the public.