Maine Governor Fibbed to Get Lawmakers to Call Him Back


While the stories about LePage planning a mid-shutdown vacation cited GOP state senators, he claimed the reports stemmed from his comment that his pen ― his power as governor to sign bills into law ― would be vacationing during the shutdown. Roger Katz (R) that he would be on vacation for 10 days. "There was no nuance and no ambiguity about that".

But according to LePage, the reporting was fake news because he made the whole thing up.

She said "the governor's participation in the legislative process become less and less relevant as he heads into his previous year of government" before he leaves office in early 2019.

"The press just ran [with that comment], and they're so, so vile and inaccurate", he said. Another way to say this is, "Paul LePage likes lying to the press and by proxy his constituents because it amuses him".

I'm curious, though, how the taxpayers of Maine will react to learning that they pay Paul LePage to sit in his office "and make up ways so they'll write these stupid stories".

Gov. Paul LePage of ME was Trump before Trump was Trump, an utter ignoramus who says things that just leave one shaking their head.

The communications director for the Maine Senate Republican office confirmed the authenticity of the recording in an email to BuzzFeed News, saying it was provided to the Bangor Daily News in response to a public records request.

LePage's office did not respond to Raw Story by the time of publication. In the past, LePage has joked about shooting a newspaper cartoonist and that he would blow up the Portland Press Herald. He says "the sooner the print press goes away, the better society will be".