Home Depot employee says he was sacked for helping child


Former Home Depot employee Dillon Reagan claims he was sacked from his job with the retailer after helping police with a suspected kidnapping.

"What I see is some lady screaming frantically, "somebody help me, he's stealing my kid, he's kidnapping my kid" tears running down her face", Dillon told KOIN.

Dillon Reagan said he thought he was helping a woman whose child had just been kidnapped, but his employer, Home Depot, said he had committed a safety violation and fired him.

Reagan and his coworker excused themselves from the store and called police.

Once police arrived they returned the child to the mother and took the employees' statements.

Reagan said he had been reprimanded earlier in the month for arguing with a coworker as well, and on June 19 his boss fired him after reviewing the case.

"At the time, the only thing I was thinking of was the child's safety", Reagan told KGW.

"...and it was maybe about a week and a half, two weeks later, that I was finally called back and let go", Reagan said. But Reagan said he still would've done the same thing.

But Reagan said his supervisor reprimanded him and told him he should've just returned to work.

Home Depot says employee was violating work ethic before firing him.

Despite losing his job, Reagan says he does not regret stepping in to protect a child.

According to the man, the May 12 incident began around closing time when a fellow employee banged on the door of the store asking for assistance after allegedly witnessing a man assault a woman, reach into her auto, and take a child. 'I was kind of in a Catch-22 situation: I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't'.

When KOIN contacted Home Depot's corporate office, the company said they offered Reagan his job back. "We always want to be certain that we're treating any associate fairly", Home Depot said.

'We took a second look at this and have let Mr Reagan known that we've chose to reverse our decision, based on the circumstances.

When asked if he would work for Home Depot again, Reagan responded, "Honestly, at this point, no".

"We should be doing the right thing regardless of what company policy is, regardless of what the outcome is. We always do our diligence to make sure associates are treated fairly, which we've done in this case", a statement from Home Depot read.

Reagan said he hoped his next employer wouldn't have to think twice about the way he responded during an emergency. "What's good and what's right, supersedes what's policy and what's orders".