Here's why viewers have been complaining about ITV's Love Island


Shooting down her attempt to talk about why she picked Kem, Amber declared in an expletive filled rant: "Don't speak to me".

"I want to couple up with this boy because I haven't got a lot to go by, but he's got be got good banter and I don't need to play it safe", she stated.

Will Theo dare to choose Tyla and face the wrath of Jonny? I feel like she's being well off with me.

"They include the earlier mentioned catchphrases from the lovely Marcel and Kem aswell as well as "100% my type on paper", "#grafting", the classic "i've got a text!" and lastly the word used by Johnny to sum up Mike, yep, "muggy!".

Tyla was moaning to Amber about how predictable Jonny is and how she wants someone who is playful and will "trip her up" or "throw her around".

"I'm not exactly her boyfriend, have a word and just see where her head is at", he asks Amber.

Later that evening, Tyla pulls Jonny aside for a chat.

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Viewers of ITV's Love Island have been complaining about the show - but not for the reason you may think. He is just very soppy and I don't mind soppy as long as it also comes with playfulness and manliness...' Awkwaaard!

"I'm just getting a bit bored and feeling like he's being a bit fragile".

We wonder whether new boy Theo Campbell has actually caught her attention?

'It is a little bit weird with Tyla today.

Following the arrival of former TOWIE star Georgia Harrison, the Islanders gathered by the fire pit and were told that the new arrivals would picking who they wanted to couple up with.

And, although many viewers were left with their jaws on the floor, the Welsh dancer's mother Sue is pleased her daughter followed her "urges" and thinks she probably forgot the cameras were rolling when she was romping with the sun-kissed heartthrob.

But that's what 13 sexy singletons hope to do on Love Island, which is halfway through its third series on ITV2.