Don't Worry: Snoop Dogg Pirated Jay-Z's New Album, Too


Like most people who are not subscribed to Tidal, he went looking for 4:44 on Apple Music and could not find it.

After the album was released exclusively on Tidal, Mark signed up to use the service and got a message that read, "JAY-Z 4:44 is only accessible to Sprint/Tidal customers and all Tidal accounts established prior to June 26th during the exclusive period". It wasn't surprising that the album was exclusive to Tidal, the streaming app Jay Z co-owns. "I want to shoot a shout out to JAY-Z just dropped another muthaf**kin' hot album, 4:44", Snoop said.

The unexpected free release follows a unusual rollout for 4:44, which was first released Friday exclusively on Tidal, but restricted only to subscribers who had joined the service prior to June 26, thus preventing many fans who responded to Tidal's massive marketing campaign from actually enjoying the record advertised. "I don't got Tidal, so a n***a had to bootleg it to me". But you know what? I'm on iTunes and shit cuz, I don't understand that-y'all gotta explain that to me. I don't understand that.

The lyrics turned out to be the musical equivalent of fake news - with Jay-Z taking West to task but more lightly. Other stars including Beyonce who released their albums through Tidal eventually made them available for download on Apple's iTunes or on rival streaming platforms. Practice that. Practice showing love.