Adele calls in sick for last two shows


She said that touring lifestyle is not for her. Adele would much rather spend her time at home with her son Angelo than travel around the globe.

Adele's sweary tirade came during her gig on Wednesday, before she controversially cancelled this weekend's shows due to damaged vocal cords.

The Someone Like You singer released an emotional statement on Friday night saying she could not perform the final two nights of her 123-date tour because of damaged vocal chords, The Sun reports. But, I struggled, vocally, during these two evenings. "I had to push a lot harder than I normally do". "I felt like I constantly had to clear my throat, especially [on Friday] night". On medical advice, I simply am unable to perform over the weekend. Adele sold some 600,000 top-dollar tickets in Australia alone, and earned somewhere in the neighbourhood of $1m every time she walked on stage.

In a handwritten note tucked inside the concert program, she wrote: "Touring is a peculiar thing, it doesn't suit me particularly well". "I'm already maxed out on steroids and aids for my voice. It wouldn't be the real me up there".

"I'm sorry", Adele went on. "Disappointed feels short of how I feel".

"I'm so desperate to do them, I've even considered miming, just to be in front of you and with you".

The former Nirvana rocker told the crowd: 'We were doing an interview and someone said, "You know you're not supposed to swear?" Many had travelled to London to attend the shows, reported The Daily Mail Online on Sunday (Jul 2). 2 left! And they are 2 enormous shows! To not complete this milestone in my career is something I am struggling to wrap my head around and I wish that I was not having to write this'. I have changed my life drastically in every way to make sure I got through this tour that started at the beginning of my previous year. To not be able to finish it is something I'm really struggling to come to terms with. "It's as if my whole career has been building up to these four shows".

Ticketholders for the scrapped London shows were disappointed by the cancellation, but instead of complaining about the change of plans, hundreds made a decision to head to Wembley Stadium anyway and sing Adele's songs in her honour to show their continued love for the star.

Adele then promised to give fans hoping to attend the London concerts more information over the next few days but did appear to offer a little hope by claiming that she would attempt to reschedule the cancelled concerts depending on if and how quickly she can recover.