LeBron believes Curry should have received even bigger payday


The other side effect of the max contract is that it helps limit player movement; with teams unable to offer more money to free agents, the incumbent team always has the advantage of offering an extra year. Curry was the top-ranked free agent going into the National Basketball Association offseason, but there was no chance he was leaving Golden State.

That deal allowed the Warriors to pay just $11 million a year on average, to a player who won two MVPs in that span, led the team to two NBA Championships, and was instrumental in transforming the franchise into one of the NBA's most valuable.

The golden boy of the NBA's champion Golden State Warriors, Steph Curry, is officially the best paid player in the entire league. Responding to a tweet by San Francisco Chronicle columnist Ann Killion, James said that he believes Curry is worth $400 million, because of what he's done for the value of the Warriors' franchise. However, LeBron James thinks Curry should be paid even more. According to LeBron James, however, Curry is worth double that. Free agents below the top tier would have a hard path to big contracts, and it would only get worse for players the further down the ladder you go.

The deal, which was first reported by ESPN, was also a convenient way for the Thunder to bolster their case that Westbrook ought to re-sign with the team.