Lamar Odom Explains Why His Friendship With Rob Kardashian Ended


On the recent season finale of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians", Kim brought Khloe to her fertility doctor to get checked if her uterus is healthy enough for her to become a surrogate for her sister.

Of course, that turned out to be nothing more than a lie, as Khloe has admitted that she hadn't really tried to get pregnant with Lamar's baby. "I hate age. We are just living people", she tweeted. He then noted that he wasn't aiming to hurt his ex-wife by saying that, but he truly believe now that it is the only way to help him heal and move on. "Thank you to all of my friends and family for helping surprise me and for being the best anyone could ask for!" she gushed.

Lamar did praise Kanye West for playing music to him while he was in his coma, saying "I love him for that", and added of Khloe, "She held me down at the time".

The former basketball player is dad to two kids with ex Liza Morales: Destiny, 18, and Lamar Jr., 14. Both Lamar's father and his daughter have blasted Khloe in the past, with Lamar's daughter calling Khloe and Lamar's relationship "toxic".

Lamar elected to end the interview on a positive note, however, with Lamar describing Khloe as a "beautiful person, inside and out". He revealed that the possible reason he has not spoken to Rob in years could be because he "hurt his sister too much". I have no idea.

The couple - who met in high school - have three children together, including son Jayden who died of sudden infant death syndrome at less than a year old in 2006.

Speaking on the incident at the Nevada brothel that led to him falling into a deep coma, the baller said several reports that were made public were untrue, to his knowledge. Kardashian briefly called off the divorce following his overdose, but on December 17, 2016, the divorce was finalized.