Vettel risks further FIA sanction after 'road rage' in Baku


Britain's former F1 world champion Jenson Button says Sebastian Vettel shouldn't be punished further for deliberately crashing into Lewis Hamilton in Azerbaijan.

Vettel and Hamilton made contact twice behind the safety vehicle in Baku, with the second incident deemed to be an act of unsafe driving on Vettel's part.

Debate has been wild on Twitter ever since, with Button offering his view on Thursday, saying that while Vettel's move was "silly" his punishment should not be prolonged.

The FIA confirmed yesterday that it will "further examine the causes of the incident in order to evaluate whether further action is necessary".

Vettel accused Hamilton of "brake testing" him by suddenly slowing coming out of Turn 16 as the safety vehicle prepared to return to the pits.

Vettel ultimately finished fourth while Hamilton, who had led comfortably from pole position, finished fifth after having to pit when his headrest material came loose. He now has nine penalty points on his licence and should he receive three more in Austria he would automatically be given a one-race ban regardless of the current investigation.

Vettel was warned about his future conduct after an incident in the Mexican Grand Prix a year ago - when he swore over the radio at race director Charlie Whiting and he could now face further sanctions following the Hamilton clash.

In that instance, Vettel apologised to Whiting, something the FIA took into account when they decided against any formal action, but the German repeatedly insisted he had done nothing wrong after Sunday's Baku incidents with Hamilton.

He was clearly angry, believing the British driver had brake-tested him.