Russia: Trump and Putin Probably Should Talk During Hamburg Summit


And sure enough, Trump and Putin will stand face-to-face for the first time when they attend next week's G-20 summit in Germany.

In addition to Putin, White House officials said Trump would meet with the leaders of several other countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, China, South Korea, Mexico, Indonesia and Singapore.

Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, said the two will be in close proximity during the Hamburg meeting. Trump has yet to meet Putin face-to-face, and as Lavrov pointed out, it'd be very odd for the USA to deliberately avoid such a meeting when they're in the same room.

Some of Trump's advisers had encouraged him to stage formal bilateral talks with the Russian leader in a sign that he's serious about warming the relationship between Washington and Moscow. Thus far, Putin's beliefs have been borne out as President Trump has remained oblivious to the threats posed by Russia's interference. Russian Federation denies the allegations and Trump says his team did not collude with Moscow.

Should the US take preemptive measures against the Syrian military to stop what Washington has said could be a potential chemical weapons strike, Lavrov said Russian Federation would respond "with dignity" to the USA "provocation".

The effort could provide another sticking point between Trump and Putin, who have spoken three times by phone but not yet held in-person talks.

Officials from those administrations say American officials initially overestimated their potential areas of cooperation with the Russian leader.

Speaking Wednesday at a news conference in the Russian city of Krasnodar, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said he would "assume" the meeting will take place. "It won't be right, I guess, if they aren't able to talk there and to discuss a lot of issues".

Russophobic sentiments in the United States harm Washington itself and impede the solution of important global problems, according to Lavrov.