Hamas: Israel Halted Visits to Terrorists in Prisons


The Hamas-run Interior Ministry in Gaza has announced on Wednesday that it has started constructing a buffer zone along its southern borders with Egypt.

He said the buffer zone of a 100-metre depth will be a closed military zone.

Palestinian Authority terrorist convicts incarcerated in Israeli prisons have lost their privileges until further notice - specifically, family visits to Hamas security prisoners from Gaza - according to a statement quoted Thursday by the Bethlehem-based Ma'an news agency.

"We reassure the Egyptian side that Egypt's national security is Palestinian national security", he said.

"The message to the Egyptian side is a calming one: Egyptian national security is part of Palestinian national security, and we will not let the peace along the southern border be disturbed", he stated.

Cairo agreed to ease control of the Rafah crossing and provide assistance against a number of demands including cease of smuggling activities, information on tunnels, cease of collaboration with the Islamic State group (IS) militants in the Sinai and handover of 17 men wanted in Egypt for terror related charges.

The accusation came in a statement in which the PFLP confirmed that halting the transfer of patients for getting treatment outside the 10-year-besieged strip "led in recent days to the martyrdom of many sick children", while hundreds of patients suffered from serious medical conditions, and needed treatment overseas due to the lack of capabilities inside the Gaza Strip.

Two weeks ago, new Hamas Prime Minister Yahya Sinwar traveled with a delegation of senior officials for talks with Egyptian intelligence representatives in Cairo.