Greta Van Susteren tweeted jaw-dropping news about her future at MSNBC


Susteren moved to the network in 2016 after spending 10 years at Fox News.

She made the announcement Thursday on her social media account. The issue was quite simply that her show didn't catch on with MSNBC viewers.

Ms. Van Susteren, who was hosting the 6 p.m. hour for MSNBC, had been let go from Fox News previous year. Van Susteren's husband, however, told CNN that MSNBC fired his wife.

As MSNBC continues to figure out what it is in the age of Trump, the network has settled on one thing it is not: A home for Greta Van Susteren.

Vanity Fair confirmed the news, saying that MSNBC's legal analyst Ari Melber would be taking over her time slot. Further, Van Susteren was apparently at work and prepping for this evening's show when the news came down. She will be replaced by Ari Melber. Greta is a well-regarded television veteran and one of only a few broadcasters who can say they've hosted shows at all three major cable news networks.

"We are grateful to her and wish her the best", he added. While Susteren's show attempted to be fair, MSNBC's more vitriolic anti-Trump shows have garnered the network historic ratings improvements.

MSNBC and Gret Van Susteren have made a decision to part ways.