Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Resigns


The Post reports that Uber board member Arianna Huffington is pushing for Sandberg - but former Disney operating chief Tom Staggs is also a leading candidate for the suddenly vacant CEO job. According to the report, one of those investors included venture capital firm Benchmark, which has a seat on Uber's board. After consulting with an Uber board member and discussions with several investors, Kalanick made a decision to tender his resignation as CEO of Uber.

Most recently, Uber director David Bonderman resigned after interrupting Arianna Huffington to make a sexist joke during a meeting about sexism.

On Tuesday, the founder and CEO of successful tech and transportation company Uber officially resigned from his position, a decision which came in response to calls for his resignation from numerous company's investors. "I will continue to serve on the board and will be available in any and all ways to help Uber become everything we've dreamed it would be".

Refinery29 has obtained a statement issued by Uber.

Indeed, convincing genuine Silicon Valley royalty to join may be hard given the scale of the challenge at Uber.

Uber was under pressure in recent months as it was exposed this year as an unfriendly workplace with sexual harassment and discrimination.

Kalanick's departure caps a tumultuous period for Uber that has revolutionized the taxi industry and challenged transportation regulations worldwide.

Investors have talked about selling stock in Uber to the public, a move that would imply a transition to an established business.

Following his leave, Kalanick had put day-to-day leadership in the hands of several employees who had reported directly to him.

Just back in March, after a video surfaced showing the CEO in a heated argument with an Uber driver, Kalanick said that he needs to grow up and seek "leadership help". Kalanick will remain on Uber's board of directors and hand over day-to-day operations to a committee of more than 10 executives.

Uber has continually come up against major roadblocks concerning its treatment of customers and employees. Furthermore, Uber can take more positive steps in the direction of improving the overall company and culture. They also demanded that Uber immediately hire an experienced chief financial officer. That was cast as adult supervision for Kalanick as the company tried to end a crisis over sexual harassment allegations and other wrongdoings.

Kalanick's exit appears to have been key to this change. So the incoming boss will still have a powerful founder breathing down their neck.