Qatar's Crisis With Saudi Arabia And Gulf Neighbors Has Decades-Long Roots


Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, plus nonmember Egypt, accused Qatar of harboring, funding and championing Islamist terrorists, in part through the Doha-based satellite news channel Al-Jazeera.

But Qatar's leaders, all from the ruling Al Thani family - Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani is now in charge - chafed against the dominating, conservative influence of the behemoth next door, Saudi Arabia.

President Donald Trump initially praised the Qatar blockade on Twitter as the sort of strike against terrorism supporters he had urged during his visit last month to Riyadh.

"Qatar's actions have been deeply detrimental to the cause of Middle East peace", wrote Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, the Fellowship's president and founder, in an open letter to Mr. Trump.

"Qatar will realize that this is a new state of affairs and isolation can last years", Anwar Gargash, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) state minister for foreign affairs, said during a press briefing in the French capital on Monday. "Qatar is under blockade, there is no negotiation".

There was no immediate indication over why they had been detained or if it directly concerned their reporting from the kingdom.

"Until now we didn't see any progress about lifting the blockade, which is the pre-condition for anything to move forward".

"The blockade imposed on Qatar by other states of the region is an act of aggression, Thani said".

The first wave of soldiers from Turkey have arrived in Qatar and participated in joint exercises with local troops yesterday, the Ministry of Defense said.

Recall, the Turkish Parliament on 7 June at an accelerated rate adopted legislation allowing the deployment of troops on a military base in Qatar.

Qatar says the sanctions have also brought personal hardship for its citizens who live in neighbouring countries or have relatives there.

Also, the Turkish president voiced support for Qatar on Tuesday, saying he intends to "develop" ties with the embattled state hit by sanctions from Saudi Arabia and its allies.

Countries including France, UK, Kuwait and Turkey have been trying to act as mediators, but the anti-Qatar alliance has been wary of setting out its detailed demands, the daily reported.

He called measures imposed against Qatar by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and others "an act of aggression".

"Qatar has to redress its path and has to go back to all previous commitments, it has to stop media campaigns and has to distance itself from our number one enemy, Iran", he said.

"Ankara's excessively one-sided intrusion in the crisis may lead to a loss of sympathy, respect and funds from Saudi Arabia and others in the anti-Qatar camp", Faruk Logoglu, a former Turkish diplomat who once held senior posts in the Turkish Foreign Ministry, told Xinhua.

Meanwhile, Qatar has also been conducting joint exercises with the US Navy.