Now you get cleaner card-based view that's easier to navigate


Google News now comes with a fresh look which resembles the Google Now cards from the Android version.

Its home page has three sections.

"To give them that multitude of facts, voices, and perspectives, you want the UI to disappear and not be a sense of overload or cognitive load on them but just be transparent", Says Anand Paka, the product manager for Google News.

The guiding principle for the redesign is to build a user interface that's free of clutter.

The Local tab allows the user to track stories from a particular part of the world while For You offers a mini news feed that can be populated with the user's specific interests. A gray background and white cards around each article make it look a little more like content served on Google Now, but clicking on some of the options under the tabs such as "More About" takes the content a little more time - what seems like several additional seconds - to serve up. Users can add their own sections based on search terms, such as World Cup, while the navigation bar can be personalized if the user signs in with a Google Account.

Other changes include the introduction of Cards that spread out stories and provide more information about the source of the articles. Are you seeing the revamped Google News? Gone, too, are most of the longer snippets of text that featured prominently in the old design, as well as the share buttons for Facebook, Twitter and (gasp!) Google+ that would fade in when you hovered over a story (these have been replaced by a modern share button). According to him, the main idea was remove the clutter and make the service more easily reachable to those who are interested in mainstream news. Doing so will help the team know what works. In fact, seven years ago, there were so many complaints about their redesign that Google made changes based on them - which is incredibly rare. Other things worth mentioning are the Fact Check box on the right that shows the top fact checked articles recently published (US only) and an improved algorithm for selecting videos.

That said, Google says "this feature is now available in the USA only", but presumably Google will roll it out to other Google News users around the world. There is also a new Video block.