Jury in Bill Cosby trial asks to rehear accuser's testimony


The married actor is fighting three felony charges of aggravated indecent assault, amid allegations he drugged and attacked Andrea Constand, a former employee at his alma mater, Temple University, during a 2004 encounter at his Pennsylvania home. He says their encounter was consensual.

Inside the courtroom: A smiling Andrea Constand arrived in the courtroom at 9 a.m. for the second question. Jurors asked Wednesday evening to rehear testimony from the Cheltenham police detective who interviewed Cosby in January 2005.

But Constand's is the only criminal case against him as under United States statues of limitations. "And I went upstairs and I went into my pack and I broke one whole one and brought a half down and told her to take it".

In later police interviews, Constand said she had spent time alone with Cosby at his home before the alleged assault, including one night when he tried to unzip her trousers and kiss her.

Pulliam explained that she will accept the verdict that the jury decides on but has not said whether or not she believes he is guilty or innocent. She was a young child when she worked on "The Cosby Show", and this is a man she largely owes her career to.

During the jury questions he looked engaged as the testimony was re-read and even seemed to smile hearing a joke he had made about why he had given Constand a particular phone number.

When asked how she would feel about Cosby should the jury find him guilty, Pulliam said, "I'm going to have to cross that bridge when I come to it".

Judge O'Neill did not allow the woman, Marguerite Jackson, to testify during Cosby's defense, ruling her statements inadmissible as hearsay.

Constand told Jackson a high-profile man had done something similar to her, according to the statement. The woman says she can not recall exactly when Constand told her of the plan to falsely accuse a celebrity, only that Constand was the operations manager for the team at the time. She also slammed Wyatt for circulating the witness' statement while jurors were deliberating. At that point, they had already deliberated 21 hours without reaching a verdict. "You are constantly replaying the case in your head - I should have said this, I should have said that, I should have recommended that my client take the stand, I should have kept my client off the stand", said Steinberg. His wife of 53 years, Camille, was not with him as she was on Monday, her first appearance since the trial began June 5.

He did not testify during the trial, but prosecutors introduced his account of the incident through sworn depositions from 2005 and 2006. "I just wanted to go home". "I wanted it to stop".

He also said the pills he gave her were over-the-counter Benadryl, which he admitted can cause sleepiness.

Cosby is charged with drugging and molesting Constand in 2004.

"Still, generally, the longer a jury is out, the better it is for the defense", said Winters.

In his closing arguments, Cosby attorney Brian McMonagle told the jury that the comic and Constand were involved in a consensual romantic relationship. The shirt had an image of Fat Albert, Cosby's cartoon creation, with Constand's face superimposed over it. The defense called one witness to the stand this past Monday morning and rested its case after less than 10 minutes.

They asked four during the first two days of deliberations.