Iran's president condemns 'siege' of Qatar by Arab nations


The Trump administration is hoping to close business and investment deals with the Saudis worth more than $350 billion, while the biggest US military base in the region, Al Udeid Air Base, is in Qatar.

"If Qatar wants to come back into" the regional Gulf Cooperation Council, "they know what they have to do", he said. They have sent it 13 demands including closing al Jazeera television, curbing relations with Iran, and paying reparations. Kuwait is acting as a mediator to end the worst Gulf crisis in years.

Shutting down Al Jazeera would silence some of those critics, aligning Qatar's foreign policy with that of its neighbors, Mellor said.

"The foundation of the dispute with Qatar is diplomatic and security-oriented, never military", Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa said on twitter.

The influential senator said that his committee would block lethal military weapons sales to GCC states - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman - until there was "a better understanding of the path to resolve the current dispute and reunify the GCC". "To ask Turkey to pull out its troops from Qatar is firstly disrespectful behaviour towards us", he said in Istanbul, according to Reuters.

Last week United Arab Emirates' state minister for foreign affairs Anwar Gargash warned that Qatar should take the demands seriously or face "divorce" from its Gulf neighbours.

Earlier in June, several nations across the Arab world cut ties with Qatar after repeatedly accusing it of destabilising the region, a charge that Doha denies.

The State Department and Pentagon have reiterated that they would like a quick end to the standoff; the biggest USA military base in the region, and the launching pad for US strikes on Islamic State, is in Qatar.

On June 5, three (P) GCC members-Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain-along with Egypt, cut ties with Qatar over allegations that it funds "terrorism"-an accusation Doha strongly rejects but that was echoed by US President Donald Trump".

Qatar, which had 10 days to respond to the demands, is still gauging how to answer.

They have also closed their airspace to Qatari carriers and blocked the emirate's only land border - vital for its food imports.

A Middle East expert who was briefed on the proposed summit said that it would aim to fix Washington's alliances and reassert its leadership in the region.

"We are mystified that the Gulf states have not released to the public, nor to the Qataris, the details about the claims that they are making toward Qatar".