Flights From LA to Phoenix Canceled Due to Skyrocketing Temperatures


Here are five facts to keep in mind when dealing with intense heat. The heat island effect only compounds the risks of deadly heat in cities.

Airlines canceled flights in Phoenix and doctors urged people to be careful around concrete, playground equipment and vehicle interiors this week as a punishing heat wave threatens to bring temperatures approaching 120 degrees to parts of the Southwestern U.S. This can give rise to illnesses that range from heat rash to heat stroke.

On Monday, Durango hit a high of 93 degrees, one degree lower than the 1936 record high of 94 degrees for June 19, according to the National Weather Service in Grand Junction.

It's another day of triple-digit temperatures across Northern California.

The last time the city reached 120 was in 1995.

American Airlines announced Monday that it has canceled its regional flights - approximately 20 flights - for Tuesday, June 20.

Planes achieve lift during take-off with the help of dense, heavy cold air. Thin air makes it hard for planes to get lift.

Flights operated by American Airlines, but not using the Bombardier CRJ, were not affected by the heat.

The weather was so severe, however, that it caused dozens of flights to be delayed or canceled out of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport - the second straight sweltering day it happened. The smaller jets can't operate when it's 118 degrees or higher.

"Your house stays hot, buildings stay hot".

The forecast of 120 degrees in Phoenix is something that the city has not seen for two decades.

Wednesday in Phoenix started out breaking a daily heat record and signed off by breaking another.

The heat is spread across California.

This heat wave is right on time.

Being one of the places with the highest temperature every summer, Arizona always has some heat-related memes on social media, some of which are classic.

Southwest Monsoon, which occurs annually, is actually triggered by the very heat looming in the forecast early next week.

It is the air density that can get in the way. So, instead, it goes toward making the air hotter and hotter.

This temperature with excessive heat wave is recorded as the highest in twenty years and more in the region's history, which might be life-threatening for many who don't take enough precautions. The inability to cool off at night puts enormous stress on the body.

"If you can avoid being outside in general, that's the best thing you could do today", Fernandez said. You need more distance (on the runway) to take off. You may not realize you're overheating, because sweat evaporates instantaneously in such dry conditions, but you can quickly suffer from heat stress in these conditions.

The mercury hit 119 degrees Fahrenheit in Phoenix on Tuesday, 117 in Las Vegas and 121 degrees in Palm Springs, Calif.