CNN reporters resign over retracted Russian Federation story as Trump goads network


"The story charged that the Senate Intelligence committee was interested in a "$10-billion Russian investment fund whose chief executive met with a member of President Donald Trump's transition team four days before Trump's inauguration", per the New York Post.

CNN, in initially taking down the story, said it didn't meet its editorial standards.

President Donald Trump is using the resignations of three CNN journalists involved in a retracted Russia-related story to resume his attack on the network's credibility.

Thomas Frank (the author of the story), Eric Lichtblau (an editor in the CNN investigative unit that ran the story), and Lex Haris (who oversaw the unit) have all left CNN, the network made this known on Monday.

US President Donald Trump has lashed out again over "fake news".

A CNN producer has stated that the network's frequent coverage of President Donald Trump's alleged ties to Russian Federation is about ratings. Like all major news organisations, CNN is under pressure to produce scoops that draw ratings and Web traffic, and to stay competitive with the likes of the New York Times and The Washington Post, which have been leaders on the Trump-Russia story. "There are multiple other instances where that outlet that you referenced has been repeatedly wrong and had to point that out or be corrected", Sanders said of CNN.

Health supervising producer John Bonifield called into question the factual basis for the report, stating that it was "mostly bulls**t", according to Real Clear Politics.

Mr. Scaramucci accepted CNN's apology, saying, "CNN did the right thing".

In the video, a Project Veritas associate talks with the man identified as Bonifield, who goes on to say CNN is covering the Russian Federation out of desire to increase ratings, The Hollywood Reporter noted.

Project Veritas released a new video Tuesday, revealing CNN management officers discussing the network's decision to cover the Russian Federation story despite a lack of evidence.

FILE - In this January 13, 2017 file photo, Anthony Scaramucci, a senior adviser to President-elect Donald Trump, talks to reporters in the lobby of Trump Tower in NY.

After CNN retracted the article - which only cited a single, anonymous source - and disabled its links, three journalists resigned. Whether it's accurate or not I don't know, but I would encourage everybody in this room and, frankly, everybody across the country to take a look at it.

This breakdown in editorial workflow disturbed the CNN executives who learned about it.

Said CNN: "Those are the facts". I just refuse to believe that if they had something really good like that that wouldn't leak because we've been getting all these other leaks.

But the mea culpa did not stop Trump and his supporters from seizing on the mistake, condemning CNN and claiming it as evidence that other major news organizations were conspiring against the administration.