Uber makes it easier to arrange trips for other riders


Uber heard our plea and finally granted us our wish, we can now "Request for a Guest", and it's available starting today.

We can see this being useful in a lot of different scenarios: Maybe your friend's phone is about to die after a night out so they can't request their own ride, or perhaps you want to help a loved one get to work while their vehicle is in the shop.

While Uber is marketing the feature as something for senior citizens and their loved ones to use, the feature can be useful in many more cases like sending a drunk friend home or having a friend order you a auto when your phone is out of battery.

The account holder just chooses the pickup location and destination, goes through his/her contacts for the rider's phone number, and requests the ride.

Once the ride has been requested and the driver is on the way, the rider will receive a text with details about the arrival and the driver, including contact information.

Meanwhile Lyft-Uber's biggest competitor-has also been rolling out new app improvements in the last few weeks.

The company says the new service is primarily aimed at seniors who make up 10-percent of the global population.

Next, your friend or relative will receive an SMS with all the relevant information, including the driver's name, auto registration, phone number, and a link to track the driver's whereabouts.

Uber product manager Kyle Miller explained that this will be useful for people who need to provide rides for their aging loved ones.

In a software update offered Tuesday, the ride-sharing app Uber is looking to make it easier on families. The rider wouldn't quite know which vehicle to be looking for the and the driver wouldn't know who the rider is. The driver also sees the rider's name and will be able to contact them directly, although their phone number isn't directly shared with the driver. Uber will also pay drivers a per-minute rate for wait times of more than two minutes, something it started testing previous year in Dallas, New Jersey, New York, and Phoenix.