The Bachelorette spoilers: Watch Lee Garrett, Kenny King's confrontation


As all this is going on, Will and Lee go at it throughout the entire episode.

"I was just being honest", Lee told Kenny. Rachel casually asks him, "Do you want to cover it in the hot tub?"

"See what a b***h does when a b***h is confronted?"

"When you call Kenny aggressive, there is a longstanding history in this country of regarding black men as aggressive to justify a lot of other things".

Lee ignored the remark and went to join Will. Even though Lee told Will that he understood, the private cameras showed him not appreciating that the "race card" was played.

The two-on-one date will end and anyone who is not a fan of Lee will rejoice. Rachel said she was terrified, but not so frightened she couldn't kiss Bryan partway down, which is de rigueur on these thrill-seeker dates.

Lindsay also had one-on-one chats with each of them. I feel like these guys could really use some help in the insults department.

The gang takes their first worldwide trip to Oslo, Norway because Rachel thinks that traveling is the best way to get to know someone.

"I have blind faith". "I've seen the most chemistry with those two". The two go to the top of Holmenkollen Olympic ski jump, and because they're insane, they decide to rappel down all 187 feet of it. Rachel helpfully points out that 187 is slang for the crime of murder, according to the California penal code.

Essentially, Jack Stone's flawless teeth are not enough to make up for the fact that he's a major dweeb, and Rachel says she's not feeling it. He's a thirtysomething Dallas attorney with good hair. Some viewers thought that the two would take to each other immediately because of what they share in common, but Lindsay shared with viewers that she did not feel any connection with Jack. They could go over briefings together! However, he only succeeded in making Rachel uncomfortable because she did not feel the same about him. Instead, Kenny keeps his cool and explains to Lee why his actions are upsetting him.

The Bachelorette then traveled to Oslo, where Rachel had another one-on-one with Bryan. To celebrate life, Rachel puts on like five layers of gold glitter eyeshadow and looks wonderful where as I would look like a Rupaul's Drag Race hopeful. If Bryan was the victor of season 13, The Bachelorette should be trying to make him seem a little bit more desirable. Like we said, Bryan's a frontrunner. She offers it to Bryan, who accepts.

"I don't think Rachel should be with Dean".

"That's something that doesn't happen often, but I just never want you to not know where I stand."
Rachel began the date with her guard up thinking that Bryan was too charming and too "perfect" to be genuine.

She later had a group date with Adam, Peter, Alex Eric, Josiah, Dean, Anthony, Matt, and Will. He is sure he'll love her dad! She also kissed Will.

But alas, when Jack Stone said he wanted to take her back to Dallas, lock the door, push everything out (?!?), and just hang out in bed, Rachel says, "That didn't sound great to me". Peter picks her up multiple times and carries her around the court, which is definitely a foul according to the official handball rules.

She then proceeded to hand the group date rose to Will, much to Peter's disappointment. He told Rachel he was looking for "a forever thing" and that Rachel was someone whose qualities his daughter could emulate.

A couple of days and backstabbing comments later, producers finally chose to send Kenny and Lee on a group date.

Lee later told Rachel when they were alone that Kenny had shouted profanities at him and almost got physical. Kenny claimed that it was "100% false". Kenny whispers that Lee is a bitch, saying there is nothing aggressive about whispering. "I'll sh*t in your cowboy boots", Kenny gloriously whispered back, before they BOTH SURVIVED THE ROSE CEREMONY.

Keen viewers had foreseen the moment that Bryan said the word "love" to Rachel.

After the dance, Jack tries to win over Rachel by claiming that he sucked at dancing because he was distracted by her beauty.

It's hard to define what makes him so creepy, but if we were to see him doing a serial killer perp-walk, it somehow would not be surprising.