Southwest flight diverted after woman attempts to open door


The American tried to open the emergency exit door during a flight from Los Angeles to Houston.

He said the woman was pacing back and forth along the aisle and not following instructions from crew before she reached for the door.

McCoy said the off-duty officer sat on the woman until the plane safely landed, and then the Federal Bureau of Investigation took her into custody.

Due to differences in air pressure, experts say it's nearly impossible for a passenger to open the door of an aircraft during flight.

The flight team made a decision to land the plane in at CCIA and a passenger was detained.

Cleveland Independent School District Police identified the off-duty officer who detained the woman as Pamela Minchew, who had joined the police force only two weeks earlier. After a 5-hour delay in Corpus Christi, it arrived safely in Houston. Minchew was off-duty when the incident happen on Southwest Airlines flight 4519, which was returning to Houston Sunday.

"Everybody was just in shock", he said from the Corpus Christi airport, where passengers had been allowed to leave the plane.

The woman's behavior drew attention even before she had boarded the flight at the airport, a passenger recounted: "It was weird, something like you see on TV".

Franklin posted videos of the woman shouting and of her removal on Snapchat. When she moved towards the door, she was restrained by another passenger. "She wrote "Help me" and her name on (beverage napkins)".

Corpus Christi Airport Police told Houston's KTRK-TV that the FBI is investigating the situation. "She ended up breaking it off", said Mokwuah. "This was a failure", Gillentine said. On the other side of the world passengers on board an Air Asia flight were told by their pilot to pray as the plane started shaking uncontrollably. "If she hadn't acted so quickly, things could have gone very differently".