LA City Council oks plans for George Lucas museum


The Los Angeles City Council approved plans on Tuesday for George Lucas's $1.5 billion Museum of Narrative Art.

Garcetti added: "I am proud to have worked with George Lucas and Mellody Hobson to bring this incredible gift to Los Angeles - and I applaud the City Council for voting to approve a gem for South L.A. that will touch the lives of Angelenos and visitors for generations to come".

Once completed, the Lucas Museum will join a new building at the California Science Center to accommodate the Endeavor space shuttle - set to open in 2019 -and a recently renovated Natural History Museum among the recent projects transforming Exposition Park. "That's where I learned movies".

Hobson said that she was a "little bit heartbroken" that plans fell through to locate the museum in San Francisco and Chicago, but later said that the location in Exposition Park has proven to be significant because it is close to 100 schools, fulfilling the educational component of the project. Mayor Garcetti, a noted nerd Star Wars fan who told LAist back in October that he'd made the Lucas Museum design his screensaver, just couldn't help himself from introducing Lucas and Hobson with: "A long time ago, in a city not so far away, two people had an idea for a museum".

Among the items on display will be Luke Skywalker's first lightsaber, Darth Vader's helmet, and much more.

"With unanimous support from our City Council, the Lucas Museum is officially coming home to L.A.!"

Lucas said the museum won't only focus on film, but other forms of narrative art as well like storytelling and painting. Lucas Museum Founding President Don Bacigalupi spoke before the Council to advocate for the museum.