Horror bungee disaster that killed teen caused by 'poor English'


The court also heard how bungee jumping on the bridge was prohibited and that the instructor had not checked Vera's ID to make sure she was the required 18 years old to take part. The young woman was tied to the harness but the rope was not fixed and the girl fell off the cliff.

A 17-year-old girl leaped to her death during a botched bungee jump because she had misunderstood the Spanish instructor's poor English, a court has ruled.

Aqua 21 Aventura was also not licensed to organise jumps from the bridge. The girl had misunderstood an instruction from the instructor to "No jump" as "Now jump", when he in fact meant to say "don't jump", the judge wrote in the ruling reported by EuropaPress.

Dutch teenager Vera Mol plunged to her death in Cantabria past year when she leaped from a viaduct before her rope was attached. The appeal had argued that the teenager had jumped before she was told to.

Vera Mol is said to have mistaken the instructor's saying "no jump" as "now jump" due to his "very bad" English, as The Metro reported on Monday.

Mol's death resulted in part from a "misunderstanding derived from the incorrect use and pronunciation of English", a ruling seen by Europa Press said.

An appeal court in Cantabria heard that she had made the leap on hearing the instructor say “No jump” but his pronounciation was so bad that she likely thought he said: “Now Jump”, the judge wrote in a ruling reported by Europapress.

Dutch girl dies during bungee jump.

The company who ran the bungee jumping, Flowtrack, admitted the incident was an accident.