Czech Nuclear Power Plant Used A Bikini Contest To Hire Interns


A lot of elements go into a good application for an internship: A strong CV, stellar recommendations, relevant experience... and the ability to look good in a two-piece?

"The company has been accused of sexism and choosing interns based on their looks rather than their qualifications".

UPDATE: In a comment to Bustle, a spokesperson for CEZ said that the beauty competition was organized by a third party, "Maturantka roku", which translates to "Graduate of the Year".

And bosses announced that all the competitors would be granted internships at the plant.

The French designer of the bikini may have named his invention after the atoll in the Marshall Islands where the U.S. detonated nuclear devices in the mid-1940s, but a power plant in the Czech Republic is in trouble after drawing too clear a line linking the explosive power source and two-piece bathing suits. Each woman was wearing a bikini and a hard hat and had been photographed inside the station's cooling towers. Along with the post, the company wrote the woman with the highest number of likes would be crowned "Miss Energy 2017" and get to work as an intern at the company for two weeks.

But other social media users were more impressed by the unique competition, with one claiming: "They should have recruited all of those girls".

Reacting to the criticism, CEZ apologised via Facebook. However, after being criticized for the contest, the power station issued an apology and said it would offer internships to all the 10 participants.

"We didn't want to upset anyone". The goal of the competition was to introduce a non-traditional environment and support technical education. "But if the original vision raised doubts or concerns, we are very sorry", the post further read.