Comedian Leslie Jones tweets The Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles is racist


Leslie Jones has slammed The Ritz-Carlton hotel in Los Angeles after a disastrous stay, alleging she was treated badly because she's a black woman.

Leslie Jones is making some bold claims about the Ritz-Carlton hotel after staying there recently. "We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to all", and offering the star to DM them so that they can solve the issue. The tweet also said they would look into the incident right away.

The Ritz-Carlton is one of the most luxurious hotel chains in the world and in Los Angeles, the rooms start at $600 a night.

The Ritz Carlton did not immediately return a request from for comment.

The tweet came after a string of positive messages Jones posted during the award show. "We remain committed to providing an environment where all feel welcome".

Just steps away from the theater is the Ritz-Carlton where Jones must've camped for the night. "I am very nervous", she admitted. "They don't like black people!" "I think I was on there three or four times before anyone really knew who I was".

Leslie has never been shy about calling out people who have wronged her, and in June a year ago (16) blasted high-end fashion designers in a scathing tweet after no one offered to dress her for the Ghostbusters premiere.

Having long since worn out her welcome with rational folks, the reaction on social media was not too kind... or, as Jones is sure to say, RACIST!