Whipped cream dispenser kills popular Instagram blogger


A warning against the faulty dispensers was also posted to her Instagram account, saying it "exploded and struck Rebecca's chest, causing her death".

A 33-year-old French Instagram model died after a whipped cream container exploded and struck her in the chest, her family said.

A family member posted about the incident on her Instagram page, warning readers the canisters could still be in circulation.

An image of a similar siphon was posted with the accompanying caption: "Do not use this type of utensil". "Tens of thousands defectives ones are still out there".

French media reported that Burger suffered cardiac arrest in her home in Galfingue on Saturday and died the next day in the hospital.

A French fitness model and lifestyle blogger is dead after a "domestic accident".

Whipped cream dispensers use nitrous oxide canisters that release gas and pressurize the cream when pressed with a pin.

Relatives issued a statement to Burger's 200,000 Facebook and Instagram fans following the untimely and fatal incident. Injuries from these faulty connectors had previously been reported, according to the BBC, including broken teeth, bone fractures, and even the loss of an eye.

The BBC also reported that a French consumer group has warned for years about faulty connectors on the gas capsules, which can cause them to break and be expelled at unsafe speeds.

One victim of an exploding cream dispenser told RTL radio in 2013: "I had six broken ribs, and my sternum was broken". Others offered their condolences to the family and wished that she rest in peace.

A former professional volleyball player who also worked in IT, Ms Burger garnered a huge online following with her posts about travel, food and health.

France's National Consumer Institute (INC) warned that the plastic lid on the dispenser Burger used, from a brand called Ard'Time, might not be able to stay on due to the pressure from the carbon dioxide.