Democrats Play Blame Game With Pelosi After Georgia Election - To GOP's Glee


I think our leadership owes us an explanation for what's going on in these four elections but also a plan moving forward. I get no recommendations that I [should] support impeachment.

(CNN) Democrats lost a special election for a congressional seat they have not held in decades, so some are calling for the head of House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. On Tuesday, Karen Handel beat Ossoff by a 3.8-point margin - 51.9% to 48.1%. If both stay true, the result may be akin to 2010, when a so-called wave election swept House Democrats from power in the wake of public opposition to ObamaCare.

Democrats also lost a special election in SC on Tuesday, where Republican Ralph Norman prevailed over Democrat Archie Parnell in a seat formerly held by Republican Mick Mulvaney, who is now Mr Trump's budget director.

Twin defeats in special elections for House seats in Georgia and SC have touched off a paroxysm of second-guessing and recriminations within the Democratic Party and in those organizations which exist to provide advice and political cover for the Democrats.

The campaigns and outside groups combined to spend over $50 million. To pull this off Handel had to keep her distance from Trump.

Democrats now need to gain 24 seats to reclaim the House, and analysts say there are several dozen Republican-held seats in play.

Georgia's 6th Congressional District was the fourth district that the Democrats failed to turn blue, losing in Kansas, Montana and, on Tuesday, South Carolina.

Ossoff's loss is disappointing to Democrats, but it shouldn't be discouraging.

In conceding the race, Ossoff, a filmmaker and former political staffer, signaled that Democrats could learn from these races and prepare for the larger battle for control of the US Congress in 2018.

"Business as usual isn't working".

It likely would have sped up House GOP retirements, forcing party officials to recruit new candidates in safe seats and raise more money.

Spending on the race reached at least US$57 million (S$79 million), almost twice the last record, said the Centre for Responsive Politics, a watchdog.

BENNETT: Pelosi still has broad support among House Democrats.

Ellison said the Georgia 6th was not as competitive as 64 other House seats that Democrats could win in 2018 to wrest control away from Republicans, adding, "They're the ones who better be anxious". "Time to stop rehashing 2016 and talk about the future".

Ryan unsuccessfully challenged Pelosi for minority leader and now says that his party is in trouble in 2018 if Republicans were able to convince independents and Republicans that a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Pelosi's agenda.

Pelosi said that would be fine with her.

Nancy Pelosi is sending a defiant message to House Democrats who are grumbling about her leadership: Come at me. They argue that Democratic candidates will have a better shot on Election Day if they're not tied to Pelosi.

These same people want those from other nations to come to America seeking a better life, but they want a controlled and monitored immigration policy that rewards those individuals while keeping the criminal elements and terrorists at bay.

Many rank-and-file Democrats were not having it.

"This is certainly something that we have to discuss because it's clear that, I think, across the board in the Democratic Party, we need new leadership", the MA lawmaker said. Parnell may have benefited from the lack of national attention on that race, though. And they want the ability to make choices for their own lives and their children's lives, and do not want the government telling them where they can live, where they buy insurance, or where they can shop.

"In the previous election - the Republican candidate won by more than 20 points".