Johnson: Senate bill doesn't address health care costs


In another she retweeted a graphic alleging that 39% of children - and 76% of poor children - rely on Medicaid.

Nevada senator Dean Heller has become the fifth Republican to come out in opposition to the current draft version of the Senate healthcare bill. Fixing the bill to save Medicaid's expansion theoretically wouldn't convince any of them to change their vote, while further cuts could alienate other so-called "moderate" Republicans like Heller.

While the conservative senators are ultimately expected to vote for the bill, Heller is a much harder no, and if he gets his way, it will be tough to create a compromise that works for the minimum number of Republicans required to pass the bill.

On Friday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Trump was "very supportive of the current bill", referring to the Senate Republicans' bill, and that "he's committed to making sure that no one who now is in the Medicaid program is affected in any way, which is reflected in the Senate bill and he's pleased with that".

A major tool McConnell has is to offer each member what they want and strike that delicate balance of give-and-take.

You've talked about how the Affordable Care Act isn't ideal. But the Senate-passed measure was seen as more in balance with workers' rights than a version passed by the House in March, mostly along party lines.

"We can not support the current bill". It was aptly named the Cornhusker Kickback.

Both Ohio senators have released statements on the Senate health-care proposal.

At least five GOP Senators say they won't vote for it in its current form, but are open to negotiating.

"No amount of 11th hour reality-denying or buck-passing by Democrats is going to change the fact that more Americans are going to get hurt unless we do something", he said.

McConnell wants to push the package through the Senate next week, and will succeed if he can limit defections to two of the chamber's 52 Republicans. Paul said on NBC News' "Today".

Many Republicans oppose the group because it provides abortions, the AP said.

"It isn't any one factor but it's all of those factors put together that will influence my decision", Sen. But the Affordable Care Act also expanded Medicaid.

They are concerned with deep cuts to Medicaid in the Senate bill that are set to begin in 2021 by ending the Obamacare Medicaid expansion and be greater in 2025 by changing the formula to adjust benefits coverage according to the rise of inflation instead of the rise of medical costs, which rise more quickly. Murkowski said that Planned Parenthood is a critical source of health care for women in her rural state.

Under the ACA, women can not be charged more than men for the same health plan. If coverage losses from the Senate bill matched those from the House bill, it would result in 217,000 additional deaths over the next decade.

Democrats formed a united front against the controversial measure that was drafted in secret, criticizing it as a "war on Medicaid", the health care program for lower income Americans, and calling it a worse plan than one that passed the House of Representatives in May. "We are not fixing Obamacare".

Many people will face a Hobson's choice, said Craig Garthwaite, a health economist at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management. Those at the rally were demanding that something must be done to protect Arizonans from what they see as potentially devastating cuts that could eliminate health care coverage for some of the state's most vulnerable residents.