Spicer is 'kind of useless'


President Donald Trump may finally confirm by the end of the week whether tapes of conversations between him and former FBI Director James Comey exist, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters Monday.

Reporters on Monday cried foul after the White House announced that it would hold another daily briefing off-camera and off-mic, further fueling concerns among journalists that the Trump administration is ducking questions from the press. My guess is because they want their evasive answers not saved for posterity.

Acosta said, "The White House Press Secretary is getting to a point where he is kind of useless". There is a clear campaign of information suppression happening.

"That's the White House behind me".

Trump has turned off the cameras because he wants to keep the American people in the dark.

HuffPost asked Acosta how reporters could push back against the White House's restrictions. "It just feels like we're sort of slowly but surely being dragged into a new normal in this country where the president of the United States is allowed to insulate himself from answering hard questions".

Spicer will likely no longer handle day-to-day press duties, including daily media briefings, and will instead oversee communications for the entire administration. "If they can't give us the answers to the questions on camera or where we can record the audio, they're basically pointless".

He continued, "You know, if he can't come out and answer the questions and they're just not going to do this on-camera or on audio, why are we even having these briefings or these gaggles in the first place?" Acosta asked. "It's weird".

"I just don't know what we're doing", he said.