Ruth Davidson dismisses Scottish Tories breakaway claim


Ruth Davidson was hailed her party's hero of the night as the tartan Tory surge ended for a generation Nicola Sturgeon's dream of a second independence referendum.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon will be joined by her husband Peter Murrell in Glasgow while Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson and Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale will attend polling stations in Edinburgh. In fact, on the anniversary of the last legislation passed, the Scottish parliament debated a fresh independence referendum.

Senior Tory MSP Murdo Fraser - who argued for a separate Scottish organisation when standing for the Scottish leadership against Ms Davidson - said he had been assured "there was not a lot of truth" in reports of plans for a separate party. The nationalists still hold more seats than all their unionist rivals combined.

The SNP lost 12 seats to the Conservatives, six to Labour and three to the Liberal Democrats as the Tory share of the vote soared in Scotland.

"They recklessly force through an European Union referendum, they then embarked on a disastrous Brexit strategy, deciding to remove Scotland and the United Kingdom from the single market with no idea and no plan for what would come next".

In March, Ms Sturgeon fired the starting gun on IndyRef2, announcing plans to hold a second vote between autumn 2018 and spring 2019 - before the final deal on Brexit was due to have been reached. If the Scottish Conservatives do indeed end up with seats in double figures tomorrow, then Ms Sturgeon will surely have played her part in delivering them.

It was in Scotland that Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative Party has made its first gain of the night, winning Angus in Scotland from the Scottish National Party (SNP).

1/5 Congratulations to all newly elected MPs.

"Voting SNP is the only way to ensure strong voices for Scotland, so I'm feeling good and hoping the weather improves as well". "That's what we have seen tonight". There is an obvious logic, even for SNP supporters, to vote Labour if they think there is a chance of Jeremy Corbyn ejecting the Tories from Number Ten.

Asked about the party's losses in Scotland, Sturgeon said: "I'm not going to stand here and say I'm not disappointed the SNP lost seats".

By contrast, the Scottish Conservatives fought this election as practically a single-issue campaign - the issue being their steadfast opposition to another independence referendum.

Another is the high-profile casualties suffered by the Scottish National Party - the loss of Westminster leader and deputy party leader Angus Robertson and former first minister Alex Salmond (both to the Tories) are significant defeats for the party, as well as the loss in the former SNP heartland of North East Scotland.

The sentiment was also noted by CNN's Nic Robertson.

Amongst the many sentences I never thought I would type, I can add this: Scotland is the only bright spot for the Tories.

Polls opened in Britain today in an election Prime Minister Theresa May had expected to win easily but one that has proved increasingly hard to predict after a campaign shadowed by terrorism.

"We know when she took over. one of the things she spoke most passionately about was keeping the union together".

However, if the overall election results in a hung parliament, the SNP would win some comfort in the form of rare influence over UK-wide politics.