Rumor Central: Jimmy Butler to Celtics still an unlikely scenario


When the Celtics swapped Top-3 picks with the Philadelphia 76ers, there was rampant speculation that the trade was done to facilitate more assets for a potential Butler trade.

If the Celtics land both Butler and Hayward, who played under Brad Stevens at Butler University, they would likely be the surefire No. 2 team in the East next season. The Sixers turned it down.

With that in mind, Chicago Bulls swingman Jimmy Butler has been mentioned by some in the media as a possible target, but at this time and just as it was in February, a deal is very unlikely.

At that time, the Bulls remained consistent in their message to Butler: We value you and want to build with you but must listen to any offers we receive out of due diligence. "No veteran's going to come in here - outside of LeBron James and Kevin Durant - and really turn this thing around for us, therefore we want to continue with our youth movement". Instead, Smith says they were focused on obtaining the No. 3 selection. But the Celtics are in position to take the long view because they can try to add a star without giving up assets, only money.

"The Boston Celtics are planning on acquiring Jimmy Butler". "They don't know if they'll be able to, but their hope is that they'll be able to use the No. 3 pick, get themselves Jimmy Butler, go into free agency and get Gordon Hayward".

The Celtics have acquired plenty of future first round picks that they could use in a package for a big trade. Right now, the speculation is running wild that the Celtics are looking to trade for Anthony Davis or Jimmy Butler.