Microsoft isn't making a profit with their new Xbox One X console


Recently Corporate Vice President at Xbox, Mike Ybarra talked a little about the upcoming features and updates planned for the Xbox One X in his tweets. "The X will have even more trouble because the S is at $249 and so is the PS4". While that's a lot of money for a machine that plays games, it's a lot less than you'd pay for a similarly specced PC.

The Xbox One X is powered by a six-teraflop Polaris GPU which is 1.4 times better compared to its rival, Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro.

Spencer stated that Xbox fans should keep their expectations in check regarding the library of Original Xbox Games coming to Xbox One because only a select few Original Xbox Games will be available to backward compatibility program because of Rights issue And Emulation difficulty (technically it's a bit difficult).

Dubbed the Xbox One X, the new machine - which until now had been known by the code-name Project Scorpio - will be the most powerful video game console on the market when it launches November 7 at $599, the highest price for a game machine since the release of Sony's PlayStation 3 in 2006.

When Ben Gilbert asked Spencer whether Microsoft is making any money on each unit of the Xbox One X, to which he simply replied: "No". "I'll tell you, I've never heard a developer say publicly or privately that somehow they're held back". The company did announce "Sea of Thieves", "Crackdown 3", "State of Decay 2" and "Forza Motorsport 7", but all of those were already known about prior to E3 2017. "Put the disc in, downloads game, play".

Spencer also added that he's been focused on hardware innovation, and that the Xbox One S and One X are the great products of that work.

Spencer has also confirmed that first and third-party original Xbox games would be backwards compatible.

"I could stand up and show some videos of things I think might come in the next three years". "People want to know what the roadmap in the future looks like, and that's my job to deliver it to them".